SERTIH's promotional toolkit

These tools promote SERTIH's services. They are intended for individuals, groups or professional orders wishing to promote SERTIH services. 

SERTIH services are intended for healthcare professionals and students in Québec who have one or more blood-borne infections and who perform exposure-prone procedures.
It includes promotional tools that can be used for a wide range of communications (newsletter, website, social networks, etc.).

  1. Poster (printable and shareable by email or online)
    This poster contains complete information about SERTIH, exposure-prone procedures, and the professions concerned.
  2. Web Visuals : four visual formats designed for online sharing
    1. banner (1920x576)
    2. with text (1920x2400)
    3. square (1920x1920)
    4. horizontal (1920x1008)
  3. Social Media Posts
    SERTIH publications can be shared on social media platforms (in French only).

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