The changing landscape of travel health services in Canada

Canadians are increasingly travelling to areas that would necessitate a pre-travel consultation. Changes in professional regulations in Canada allow greater autonomy of nurses and pharmacists, resulting in shifts in provision of travel health services. We surveyed 824 Canadian travel clinics, 270 (33%) of whom responded. Private clinics were most common, and more likely to offer extended hours and drop-in appointments. In one province, pharmacies dominated. Half the services were relatively new and a similar proportion saw fewer than 10 patients weekly; 1/3 had a single provider. The increased spectrum of services may increase convenience for travellers but the large proportion seeing low numbers of clients will challenge providers to maintain competence.
Authors (Zotero)
Bui, Yen-Giang; Kuhn, Susan M.; Sow, Mariama; McCarthy, Anne E.; Geduld, Jennifer; Milord, François
Date (Zotero)
May, 2018