The INSPQ is a public health expertise and reference centre in Québec.

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Summary Analysis of the Impact of the Romaine Hydroelectric Project on the Health of the Population: Monitoring the Situation in the Municipality of Havre-Saint-Pierre

The Romaine project offers a good illustration of all the risks of implementing major development projects in northern Quebec. The first major hydroelectric site in many years to be established so close to a small community, this project is opening the way for many other large-scale projects. Havre-Saint-Pierre is one of the eight municipalities which, along with the two Aboriginal communities of ...


Occupational Health Competency Framework for Public Health in Québec

Context and purpose of the framework The underlying impetus of the occupational health framework is a desire to enact change. This tool aims to address the modernization challenges outlined in the Programme national de santé publique (MSSS, 2008) [Québec's updated public health program] and the Plan stratégique du Réseau de santé publique en santé au travail (MSSS, 2010) [the strategic plan of Qu...


Measuring Organizational Attributes of Primary Healthcare: A Scanning Study of Measurement Items Used in International Questionnaires

The present scanning study is part of Canadian Institute for Health Information's Primary Healthcare Survey Project. It has been done in order to support the development of an organizational questionnaire that can be used to assess the organizational attributes and delivery of primary healthcare in all parts of Canada. This study aims to facilitate primary healthcare research by presenting the pr...


Planning Knowledge Sharing in the Context of a Health Impact Assessment

The health impact assessment (HIA) process involves a variety of sectors other than the health sector and is intended to inform decision making. Considering knowledge sharing is therefore indispensable to maximizing the chances that the recommendations that result from the HIA are relevant and taken into account. Those in charge of the HIA must be able to organize appropriate knowledge-sharing ac...


Public Policy Models and Their Usefulness in Public Health: The Stages Model

This briefing note belongs to a series on the various models used in political science to represent public policy development processes. Each of these briefing notes begins by describing the analytical framework proposed by a given model. Then we set out to examine questions that public health actors may ask regarding public policy, while keeping in mind the perspective that this model affords. It...